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Get high quality packing materials

Buy or rent materials for your move

Our materials

Books boxes

Perfect for books

Files and folders

Delicate items

Dish boxes

Perfect for all the kitchen ware

Extra thick to support any weight

Used mostly for dishes and glassware

Linen boxes

All clothing that can be folded

Linen and curtains

Pillows, blankets and larger items

Get Flat wardrobe Boxes

Flat wardrobe boxes

Perfect for all the coats and pants

Extra long items that can be combined with clothes

Sheets, pillows and long items

Hanging wardrobes boxes

All clothing that stays hanged

Suits and dresses

Ties and other un-foldable items

Wine boxes

Perfect for wine bottles

Vases and pots

Other fragile items

Mattress boxes

Double mattresses

Single mattresses


Get Mattress boxes
Get Picture Corners

Picture corners

Great for building custom boxes for pictures

Good for protecting furniture corners

Also used to build TV boxes

Bubble wrap

Any item that needs to be well protected

Delicate items

Breakable furniture or parts

Get Bubble Wrap
Get Pleat Wrap

Pleat wrap

Replaces paper blankets

Perfect for any piece of furniture

Good for any large item

Wrapping paper

All the fragile items

Good for padding empty spaces in boxes

Small parts that need to stay togheter

Wrapping paper
Get Tape Rolls

Tape rolls

White tape

Secures everything in place

Long lasting adhesive

Floor protection

Protect all your floors

Avoid soiling the areas of work

Sticks to any surface

Get Floor Protection

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